Tonbridge History


WW1 War Graves in Tonbridge Cemetery


There are 28 Commonwealth War Graves in Tonbridge cemetery. Some are names not remembered on the Memorial Garden wall, and some are not from Tonbridge, so how did they die and why are they buried in Tonbridge cemetery? The short biographies below, written by Pam Mills, offer some explanation. (References obtained from )

Further information about men remembered on family graves in the Cemetery, and the location of a considerable number of WW1 Memorials in the area can be found at (Click 'Location Search' and search for Tonbridge)


Annison, Arthur Liddiard. Corporal 244353 63rd RND Signals Coy Royal Engineers, born 1885, son of Richard and Agnes, lived at 130 High Street; the death of his father and the fact he was unable to get home for the funeral affected him. He committed suicide by cutting his throat whilst on leave at his home address (for full report see coroners court papers) . He died on 17 January 1917 age 32; buried in plot A 529.

Baker, James Horace. Pioneer 377458 Royal Engineers; born 1888, married Ethel Caborn lived in St Marys Road. Died at home of influenza and pneumonia 30 October 1918, age 30; buried in plot B 3369.

Carter, Arthur J. Private 7/3518 Buffs 2/4th East Kent Regiment, posted to Tonbridge and succumbed to double pneumonia, was admitted to Sandycombe Military Hospital in London Road. (Procession of full military honours can be seen here) Died 12 January 1916, age 35; buried in plot B 3109

Cobel, William Gordon. Private TR10/31150, 32nd Bn Training reserve, killed in an air raid at Dover, born at Camberwell in 1899, the son of William Frederick and Annie Marie Cobell. By 1917 lived in Chichester Road Tonbridge . Died 22 August 1917 age 18 He was; buried at Tonbridge with full military honours. Buried in plot B 3227

Cogger, George. Sapper 16339 1st Army Signal Corps Royal Engineers,  born 1888, son of Henry and Eliza living in Havelock Road, discharged 12 January 1917. Records state he was not physically fit  for duty. Died 19 January 1917 at home age 28; buried in plot B 587.

Crampton, Herbert George. Private G/40348 3/10th Bn Middlesex Regiment, born at Stoke Newington in 1885, the son of George and Elizabeth Crampton. Married Alethea Snelling, lived in Stafford Road. He was wounded in France and sent home where he died in Richmond Military hospital age 32 on 2 November 1917; buried in plot B 3214

Draper, Herbert. Sapper 540594 Royal Engineers, born 1894 Lavender Hill, contracted influenza whilst at home then pneumonia set in. Died 10 November 1919 age 25; buried in plot A 3309.

Edwicker, Robert Adam. Private 20205 3rd Supernumerary 2/4th Bn Royal Sussex Regiment, born 1875  in Brighton, posted to Tonbridge and billeted in Chichester Road. He was guarding bridges on the railway between Tonbridge and Penshurst where he shot himself in the head; he was found in his sentry box by an officer who heard the shot. Believed affected by sunstroke having returned from Malta and the tropical weather having affected him. Died 5 July 1915 age 42 (further details can be found in the coroners court records); buried  in plot C. 1531.
Foster, Alfred George. Air Mechanic 2nd Class 59189 Royal Flying Corps, born in Tonbridge in 1889, the son of Henry and Clara. In 1911 he was living in St Stephen Street; died in training 2 April 1917 of meningitis age 28; buried in plot B 1569.
Gabriel, Henry George. Sapper 141774 Royal Engineers, born in Tonbridge in 1878. He married Minnie Apps in 1899 and lived in Houselands Road. He died of a haemorrhage from a duodenal ulcer on 15 August 1919 age 41 and is buried in plot B 3499.

Gardiner, Albert. Private 242565 5th Bn Leicestershire Regiment, born in 1884 in Tonbridge, was the adopted son of Frank and Annie Gardner, living at 4 New Wharf. Serving in France he became ill and had blood poisoning. He was sent back to the UK arriving at Lewisham Military hospital on 13 July and a few weeks later died on 6 September 1917 age 33; buried  in plot B 3207

Holloway, Claude Abrey Marseille. Captain Royal Air Force and Queens Own Royal West Kent in Godstone, born Surrey in 1894, the son of Percy and Millicent. Lived at 2 Hadlow Road. He was wounded on October 28th 1914 and had his leg amputated. Posted as Adjutant to Eastleigh (RAF), contracted influenza which later developed into typhoid fever; died 19 December 1919 age 25; buried in plot A 1372.  
Killick, Roydon Nelson. Lieutenant DCM MM Queens Own (Royal West Kent Regiment). Born in Tonbridge in 1897, son of Charles and Annie 8 Gladstone Road; involved in a traffic accident in Andover and died on 8 December 1919 age 22; buried  in plot A 3301 
Lawrence, Arthur William. Private 4945 5th Reserve Bn East Surrey Regiment, born 1889, died 20 December 1916 age 27. Whilst posted to Tonbridge his section were undertaking trench training at Bloodshot field. The bomb he was throwing hit the parapet and fell in front of him he suffered severe injuries and later died in VAD hospital Quarry Hill House (for more information see coroners report). He is buried in plot B 3155.

Liddle, John. Private 20480 Cameronians 5th BN Scottish Rifles billeted to Tonbridge and succumbed to an asthma attack, being taken to VAD 44 at Quarry Hill House where he died 27 April 1915; buried in plot C 1373

Linay, Robert Elrick Murray. Air Mechanic 2nd Class 48161 Royal Air Force, born 1895 in Australia, son of Margaret and Robert. He was noted to have attended Heath school at Horsmonden. Fell victim to influenza and died of pneumonia  in  the Infirmary Hospital Hitchin on 2 December 1918,  age 23; buried
in plot A2108 with family.

Marx, Louis. Soldaat 2 kl OV Karibiniers Belgian Army, born 1890, conveyed to England after the siege of Antwerp, received treatment for his wounds at Tonbridge school sanatorium before being transferred to the VAD 44 at Quarry Hill House where died of kidney failure on 20 November 1914 age 24; buried in plot R.A.C 1577

Moss, Cyril James. Second Lieutenant 2nd Bn Suffolk regiment, born in Tonbridge in 1893, son of James and Louisa of Woodfield Road. He was posted to Salonica in January 1916 and had the misfortune to be kicked by a horse in May. Septic poisoning set in and he was bought back to England for treatment, but alas died on 19 August 1916, age 23; buried in plot A 2434

Peake, John Thelwal, Second Lieutenant 2nd Bn Northamptonshire Regiment, born 1895, son of Robert and Ada. In 1911 they are recorded as living at ‘Madeline’, 6 Dry Hill Park. He was wounded in action and taken to Boulogne hospital where he died on 11 May 1915 age 19; brought back to England and buried
 in Tonbridge plot 115/1168

Pollington, William Driver. 541197 495th Field Company Royal Engineers, born in Tonbridge in 1883, son of Stephen and Eliza, lived in Lavender Hill' Having survived the HMS Hythe disaster he later died, 28 March 1920 age 37; buried in plot B 1622

Price, James Edward. Private 629411 47th Bn Canadian Infantry, born in 1890, son of James and Fanny of Tonbridge. Emigrated to Canada before 1911. He suffered from frost bite that in turn led to trench foot which led to other complications that led to his death from tetanus poisoning. He died on 1 May 1917 age 29; buried in plot A 1473

Salmons, William Edward. Private 267903/1st Bedfordshire Regiment born, in Tonbridge in 1897, the son of George and Mary, lived in Barden Road, died 1 November 1919 age 22; buried in plot 32.3537

Sheldrake, Fred Arthur. Stoker 2nd class K/25588 Royal Navy (HMS Dido), born 1892, son of Henry and Lucy of Hectorage Road. At some point during the early hours of Monday 3rd January 1916, just hours before he was due to end his leave and return to duty, he went into the bathroom, connected a length of rubber hose to the gas mantle and committed suicide, gassing himself. For more details see Coroner’s Report; buried in plot B1546

Smith, William Ernest. Private 270833 Depot Buffs - East Kent Regiment, born in Tonbridge in 1886, the son of Alfred and Eliza. Married Florence Louisa Leveridge. He was seriously wounded in France in  September 1918 and was sent back to England to Sheffield Hospital for treatment. He was later transferred to Fort Pitt, Chatham and then Rusthall VAD Hospital where he died on 10 June 1919 age 33; buried in plot B1614

Stewart, James Robert. Private 2250 1/14th Bn London Regiment (London Scottish), born in 1885, posted to France but was seriously wounded by shell fire when coming out of the line on 14th May 1915. He was brought back to England, but died of his wounds in Bevan House hospital, Sandgate on 20 May 1915; buried in Tonbridge to be near relatives and friends plot A 343

Stone, Wesley. Sapper 1314 Kent Fortress Coy Royal Engineers, born in 1879, the son of George and Ellen, married Edith Botten. He contracted cerebro-spinal meningitis in June 1915 and was immediately sent to Fort Pitt Hospital, Chatham. He was seriously ill for six weeks before he died of exhaustion on 23 July 1915 age 36; buried in plot C 1925

Thayer, John Robert MM. Battery Quartermaster Sergeant 58508 6th Reserve Bde Royal Field Artillery, born in 1892, the son of Thomas and Mary. Married to Edith Delicate. He was wounded with a gunshot wound to his right eye on 27th July 1917. He returned to England on 5th August 1917. He fell ill in September 1918 and died of pneumonia died on 28 September 1918 age 26; buried in plot B 3367

, Charles U. W Driver 5561 F Bty, Royal Horse Artillery, born in 1883, the son of Charles and Sophia of Albert Road. In August 1916 he was discharged in poor health and subsequently died at home 19 February 1917 age 31; buried in  plot B3172