within the Parish Church of St Peter and St Paul, Tonbridge

Transcribed by members of Tonbridge Historical Society in 1970-71

with the Latin inscriptions translated by Geoffrey Allibone


to which are added five gravestones (shown in italics) which were listed

 in 'Registrum Roffense' (1796) but not found in 1970-71 or now.




Thomas Abraham 1746 and Eleanor Abraham 1746 (gravestone in the cross aisle at the West End, listed in 1796, now lost)

In memory of Mr Thomas Abraham, who died November the 17th 1746 in the 70th year of his age. Also lieth the body the body of Mrs Eleanor Abraham, relict of the above-mentioned Mr Abraham, who died January the 11th 1746 in the 76th year of her age.


James  Alexander  1848 (South Chapel)

To the memory of James Alexander, of Somerhill, esquire who died September the 12th 1848 in the 80th year of his age. Endeared to the inhabitants of this town and neighbourhood by his private worth and extensive charities; the patron and encourager of their local institutions, and the prompt friend of all who stood in need of his bounty he at the same time afforded an eminent example of Christian courtesy and benevolence, of humility in the midst of affluence, and of resignation under trials of no common magnitude. A wide circle of the friends and neighbours of the deceased unite in erecting this monument desirous that his example may be had in lasting remembrance.


Arthur Amherst  1678  (North aisle: floor - not now visible)

[From Latin] Arthur Amherst M.D.  Man, Husband, Parent, Doctor, virtuous, loving, caring, skilled, faithful to the King, beloved by his family, a friend to all. He died on July 2nd 1678 A.D. aged 63.


Sarah Annesley  1817 (Nave: floor - not now visible)

Sacred to the memory of Sarah Annesley relict of Arthur Annesley Esqr of Hyde Hall in the County of Hertford Obit 27th June Etat 61


Henry Austen 1807, Mary Austen 1799 and sons (North aisle: north wall)

THIS TABLET is dutifully and affectionately inscribed to the Memory of the Revd HENRY AUSTEN, who died July the 22nd 1807, Aged 81,

MARY AUSTEN, who died December the 31st 1799, Aged 69.

And of two of their Sons, HENRY who died June 7th 1772, Aged 7, EDGAR FRANCIS, who died March the 1st 1804, Aged 29.


Rebecca Austen 1732  and William Austen 1737 and others (North aisle: floor)

REBECCA wife of WILLIAM AUSTEN Surgeon [  ] Daughter of Sir George Hampson Bart. Died Febey 6th 1732  Aged 36 Years

HAMPSON AUSTEN Daughter of the sd WILLIAM & REBECCA Born Sept 13th 1728 Died July ye 10th 1730

Also WILLIAM AUSTEN Surgeon died Decr 7 1737 Aged 36

Also Susannah Austen Relict of the above William Austen. She died the [26] January [1768] Aged [80] Years


George Barker 1663  (Chancel, south wall)

[From Latin] Here is buried Sir George Barker, Avener for the Royal Cavalry of King Charles I, Clerk Comptroller of the Royal Household of King Charles II, most faithful servant to his Lords, the Kings, in times of good and bad fortune.  He died unmarried on August 10th 1663, aged 63.  William Barker, Esquire, Supervisor of the Royal Cavalry at Hampton and executor of his will, placed the monument to his memory.


George Barker 1663  (Chancel, floor)

[From Latin] Sir George Barker died on August 10th 1663


Charles Baskerville 1921 (Nave: south east wall, over lectern)

To the glory of god and in memory of Charles Gardiner Baskerville, M.A. Hon. Canon of Rochester Vicar of this parish 1894-1913. Born Oct 20 1830 Died Feb 28 1921

Also of Ellen Spencer (Parsons) His wife born Sept 1 1832, Married Sept 8 1858, Died Sept 3 1939. ‘Called – Chosen – Faithful’   Rev.17.14  Erected in love and reverence by their family and members of the congregation.


Susanna Billingsley 1772 (South aisle: south wall)

Sacred to the Memory of / MRs SUSANNA BILLINGSLEY who departed this Life May the 3rd 1772, aged 74. Her Exemplary Life, and Conversation were an Ornament to Human Nature.

‘For Her the handy Veteran drops a Tear! Ev'n the Gay Courtier feels a Sigh sincere!‘

Mr Pope


Colin Blythe 1917  (Outer south aisle Community Room)

To the Glory of God and in Memory of COLIN BLYTHE the celebrated Kentish Cricketer this tablet is placed by his Sorrowing Widow and his many friends in Kent. He played for England at Home in Australia and South Africa. He was the mainstay of the Kent Eleven from 1899 to 1914. In September 1914 he volunteered and was enrolled in the Kent Fortress Engineers and in a short time promoted to be Sergeant. In 1917 he was transferred to the Kings own Yorkshire Light Infantry and fell in action at Ypres,

8 Nov 1917 aet 38. As Cricketer-Soldier-Patriot he played the Game, ‘Glorify God in Your Body’


Boer War Memorial 1899-1902 (South aisle: south wall)

To God Only be the glory

In memory of the men of Tonbridge and the district who fell in the South African campaign 1899-1902

Joseph R Munday               Frederick Read

Frederick S Black                Henry H Carter

Arthur T Beeching               William Black

Henry Twort                      William Lucas

George E Edmonds              John A Tolhurst

                        George Humphrey

This monument was erected by public subscription

L Fritz Roselieb Sculpt


Mary Bowen 1763   (Chancel, floor)

To the memory of Mrs Mary Bowen the wife of Mr William Bowen of this parish who departed this life December the 17th 1763 Aged 60 years


Edward Bradford 1843 (South aisle: south wall)

In the north aisle of this church lieth the body of Edward Chapman Bradford of York Street Portman Square London Esquire, an elder brother of Trinity House who departed this life the 12 day of November in the year of our lord 1843 and of his age 79


Eliza Bradford 1829  (South aisle: south wall)

Sacred to the memory of Eliza Bradford, wife of Edward Bradford Esqr  Elder Brother of the Trinity House, who died the 23rd of July 1829, in the 48th year of her age, after a long illness, which she bore with patience, and resignation. This tablet is inscribed as a testimony of affection, to commemorate her virtues


Edward Bradford 1829 and Eliza Bradford 1843  (Nave: floor - partially covered)

Eliza Bradford Died July 23rd 1829, Aged 48 years

E C Bradford Died Novr 12th 1843, Aged 79


Lt George Bradford 1858  (Chancel: north wall)

Sacred to the memory of George Septimus Bradford Lieut of the Bengal Infantry youngest son of Major General Bradford CH born 27th August 1832.  Died 18th September 1858 at Allahabad during the mutiny in India. ‘Whether we live or die we are the Lord’s’


Major John Bradford 1841 (South aisle: south wall)

Sacred to the memory of Major John Yardley Bradford honbl E. I. C. S. who died April 8th 1841. In his character the pure and holy principles of Christianity were practically displayed by the liberal support of religious and charitable institutions, by numerous acts of private benevolence and by sincere faith and fervent hope in Christ alone for salvation. May we by the grace of god remember love and imitate his virtues. This tablet is erected as a testimony of affection by his family.


Harriet Callander 1847 (Nave: west wall [upstairs])

In the memory of Harriet Callander whose genuine piety entire unselfishness and universal kindness to her fellow creatures endeared her to all her friends. This tablet is erected by her three daughters as a testimony of respect and affection to the best of parents. She died Decr 1847, aged 80 years.


Thomas Castell 1696  (Chancel: north wall)

Vnder the Hither stone being the Grave of his Granfather Mt Tho How lyes the body of Mr Thomas Castell of Tunbridge Chirurgeon the only Son of Mr Richard Castell Feb ye 4 1681 having spent the time of his Health Vertuously, his sickness patiently. Resigned up his soul to God submissively Sept ye 8 Ano Dni 1696 Anno aetatis suae 28


Joseph Cave 1820 (South aisle: south wall)

Sacred to the memory of Mr Joseph Cave who was born August 22nd 1750 and departed this life December 39th 1820 leaving an affectionate wife with whom he had lived 36 years to lament his loss.


James Cawthorn 1761 (North aisle: north wall)

[From Latin] Here lies buried James Cawthorn, master of Tonbridge School.  He devoted his care to educating the youth in both learning and character, not without great acknowledgement.  In his life he was virtuous, kind and loved by all.  Greatly missed, he died, alas! too quickly on April 15th 1761, aged 40.  He enjoyed, and will enjoy to eternity, the wealth which he distributed to many with a generous hand.  His grieving sister placed this memorial with a grateful heart. 


Ann Children 1755 and others  (Nave: floor)

Here lyeth the Body of ELIZABETH CHILDREN Daugh. of RICHARD CHILDREN of Ramhurst of ANN his wife who Departed this Life y. 13 day of March 1718 Aged 13 Years

Here Lyeth alto y Body of ANN CHILDREN Daughter of y said RICHARD CHILDREN & ANN His Wife who Departed this Life the 26 Day of March 1719 Aged 8 Years.

Here Lyeth alto the Body of WILLIAM CHILDREN Son of/the said RICHARD CHILDREN & ANN his Wife who Departed this Life 29 Day of March 1719 Aged 13 Months

On The North Side of This Stone Lye Interred in The Same Grave GEORGE CHILDREN Second Son of Richard & Ann Children He died May 19 1742 aged 33 Years

ANN CHILDREN Relict of Richard Children Esq died Octr 23 1755 aged 77 Years


George Children 1718  (Nave: floor)

Here lyeth interr’d the body of George Children Esqr who departed this life April y – Anno Dom 1718 Etatis 62


George Children 1722  (Chancel, floor)

Here lyeth the body of George Children of Nixels of this parish yeoman, who departed this life April ye 19th 1722 aged 60 years. Left Elizth his affd wife daughter of Mr Walter Burt, gent, Cickfield, in Sussex by whom he had issue, 5 sons and 5 daughters. – Markwick, George, John, George, Arthur, Mary, Elizh, Margaret, Sarah & Ann.


George Children 1818 (North aisle: north wall)

To perpetuate an example of distinguished worth the inhabitants of Tunbridge erected this marble to the memory of George Children, Esqre late of Ferox Hall in the town. Long most justly endeared to all the country, and everywhere esteemed a public benefit, in private life, a faithful friend, a social neighbour, a liberal benefactor to the poor, and in all respects an exemplary Christian. As a gentleman, his elegant literature, his urbanity and taste, his habitual self control, and unassuming manners, secured respect and at the same time engaged affection As a magistrate, during the space of half a century, upright and inflexibly just in principle, he swerved not from the strictest rectitude in practice, yet ever displayed a disposition to conciliate; and viewing all men and their actions in the most favourable light, abounded in candour, patience, and forbearance. He ceased to be mortal, in the year of our lord 1818, and of his own age 76. J G Bubb. sculp.


John Children 1771, Susanna Children 1777 and others (Nave: floor - not now visible)

Beneath this Stone are Interred the Remains of JOHN CHILDREN of Ferox Hall in this Town Esq.  Eldest Son of RICHARD CHILDREN of Ramhurst in Leigh Esq. who died April 27. 1771 Aged 65 Years

JANE CHILDREN his wife Daughter of Robert Weller of this Town Esq. who died Febry 6 1789 Aged 82

ANN their eldest Daughter Wife of RICHARD DAVENPORT of London Esq.  who died Febry 8th 1766 Aged 28

JANE their youngest Daughter RELICT of CHRISTIAN ALBERT DE PASSOW Esq  Danish Consul in London who died July 28th 1790. Aged [51]

ANN and FRANCES two Daughters of the said Christian Albert and Jane De Passow                  who died Infants

SUSANNA Wife of GEORGE CHILDREN of Ferox Hall Esqr. only Son of the said John and  Jane Children and Daughter of the Rev. THOMAS MARSHALL JORDAN Rector of Barming in this County who died May [21st] 1777 Aged 27


Richard Children 1753 (North aisle: north wall)

RICHARD CHILDREN who died March 23, 1753, 83 years,

O thou, whose Manners unadorned by Art / Ennobled every Virtue of the Heart, / Fond to forbid in each sad scene of Woe

The Pang to torture, and the Tear to flow, / Take from the Muse, thou Lov'd, this honest Line / Sacred to Goodness, and a soul like thine,

A Soul supreme, that 'midst fair Ease and Health / The Warmths of Nature, and the Pomps of Wealth / Careless of all that wild Ambition Fires

All Av'rice wishes, and all Pride admires, / Gave Year on Year beneath her genial Ray / To melt in modest Innocence away,

And made each Passion, spite of all its Rage, / Calm as her Sun, — set in unclouded Age.

L F Roubilliac invt et sct.


Richard Children 1845 and others (South aisle: south wall)

Sacred to the Memory of RICHARD CHILDREN, of Bank Farm, Tonbridge. D died augt 19th 1845, aged 74years

also of John Children, died octr 26th 1849, aged 75 years

also of George Children of Nizells, died July 16th 1851, aged 75 years.

Also of Ann Bailey, sister of the above, died sept 14th 1862, aged 80 years.

Interred in the family vault, near this tablet.


Ann Colgate 1741 and others   (Nave: floor - not now visible)

Here lies Interd Ann wife of John Colgate of this town Grocer daughter of Tho Weller of Sevenoaks of Sevenoaks who Jan 4 1741 Aged 42 years [illegible passage]

John Colgate born 22 Novem 1696 died 3 July 1755. Likewise Ann Colgate Second Wife of the above John Colgate died Jan ---- [179-]


John Danvers 1724 and Sarah Danvers 1731  (Nave: north wall)

Under this Pew Lieth interr'd all that Was mortal of JOHN DANVERS Esqr, of this Town who was a Loyal Subject an Impartial magistrate a kind and Tender Husband. He departed this Life In hopes of a Better Decemr. 12th 1724 aged 78 years To whose memory this Monument was Erected by Sarah his Afflicted widow

In the same Grave lies also the Body of MRS. SARAH DANVERS Widdow of JOHN DANVERS Esq above mentioned whose exemplary Piety Charity Humility and most Obliging conversation made her justly esteemed by all who knew her. She chearfully departed this life in hope of a Blessed Immortality March the 21st 1731. Aged 74 years.


Ann Davenport 1766 (North aisle: north wall)

Sacred to the Memory of Mrs ANN DAVENPORT, Wife of Mr. RICHd DAVENPORT of London and daughter of JOHN CHILDREN ESQre of this Town. ‘Cui Pudor et Justitiae Soror Incorrupta Fides, nudaque Veritas, Quando ullam invenient parem?’* She died Febry 8. 1766.

This monument was erected by her afflicted Husband.


*‘When will Honour and Justice’s sister, uncorrupted Faith, and naked Truth, find anyone equal to him?’ [Horace]


William Davis 1747, Mary Davis 1781 and son  (Chancel, floor)

Under this Stone lyeth the Body of the Revd William Davis Vicar of this Parish 35 Years who died the 29th of January 1747 Aged 67 Years. Also the Body of William Davis his Son who died the 15th of July 1749 in the 24th Year of his Age. Also the Body of Mary Davis Relict of the first named Wm Davis, she died the 24th April 1781 in the 81st Year of her Age.


Sir Anthony Denton 1615  (Chancel, south wall)

S. to god, & to posteritie.

Heir lyeth the body of Sir Anthony Denton, knight, one of the honorable band of pensioners (both to our late, renovmed lady Q Elizabeth, & also to ovr now sovverain Lord H James.) whose manie eminent partes, both of minde & body (eqvally beholding to nature, arts & grace) in his youth adorned the covrt, in his latter yeers, the covntry; in both worthylie beloved, & everievhere. with the best, approved, to the last period of his life: which (in assvred hope of a better) with much patience & constancie, in the faith of Christ hee finished. Avgvst 26 anno salv 1615. Aeta 54.

In piovs memorie of whose many-fold worth, his deer & dolefvl wife Elizabeth (eldest davghter of Thomas Isham of Langport in the covntie of North-hampton Esqvier) erected this monument.

Christ's death my life: my death to life was portal: so, throvgh two deaths, I have one life immortal.


Ann Dixon 1692  (Chancel, floor)

MRs ANN DIXON relict of HENRY DIXON Esqr of Hillden in this Parish and Daughter of WILLIAM JAMES Esqr of Igham in this County was buried underneath this stone on 16th June in ye Year 1692. She died in the 51st year of her Age  universally lamented; Being remarkable in her Life for her affection to her relations her Hospitality towards her neighbours and Charitys to the Poor: in Memory whereof MRS JANE BOOTH her eldest Daughter ordered by her last will the LADY DYKE her executrix to lay this Stone which She accordingly performed in ye Year 1742


Edward Dixon 1659  (Chancel, floor)

[From Latin] Sacred to the memory of Edward Dixon, Esquire, praised on more than one account. He was deservedly esteemed for his devoted love for God, his unsullied loyalty to the King when treason was ablaze, and his dutiful attachment to the Church even under torture. He was second to none in unfeigned humility, Christian charity and untainted reputation; most intimately dear to his wives (he married twice) with faithful affection and pure love; living not for himself alone, but a friend to all, a refuge and assistance (at no little expense) to the poor, and especially his relations. Good and generous to his family, the favourite of his neighbours all around during his life, and a cause of sadness when he died. Leaving a son and daughter from his first wife, he passed from earth to heaven on March 9th in the year 1659.  Elizabeth, his only daughter, in memory of her beloved father commissioned this marble monument to be made at her own expense.


Elizabeth Eames 1818  (Nave: floor)

Elizabeth wife of John Eames Esq died [30] September 1816 Aged 61 years


Revd H T Estridge 1852  (Nave: south east wall, over lectern)

Sacred to the memory 0f the Revd H T Estridge late Curate of this parish; who died from a fever caught in the exercise of his ministry November 8th 1852 in the 40th year of his age. He was a faithful and earnest preacher of Christ crucified, and a bright example of the power of that doctrine on the heart and life; benevolent and sympathising towards the poor and the afflicted, unwearied in his labours of love and in the promotion of every good work. This monument was erected by the inhabitants of the town and neighbourhood (the rich and poor alike contributing) to record his worth and perpetuate his memory. ‘The memory of the just is blessed.’


Martha Fermor 1720 (gravestone, chancel, north side, listed in 1796, now lost)

Beneath resteth Martha, the widow of William Fermor, esq, of Walsh, alias Walshes, in Rotherfield, in Sussex. She was daughter of Tristram, the son of Tristram Thomas, of Polhards in Chevening, gent. By Margaret Amherst, of the family lately of Bayhall in Pembury. She had four sons; two living at her death, Henry and colonel John Fermor of Seven-oak. She was born 1637 and dyed 1720


Thomas Gill  1894 (Nave: south east wall, over lectern)

In loving memory of Thomas Howard Gill, M.A. (Cantab), Vicar of this parish, who fell asleep June 5th 1894, aged 57 years. His body rest in Malew churchyard Isle of Man, waiting for the resurrection  "He being dead yet speaketh" "Now unto him that loved us, and washed us from our sins in his own blood, and hath made us kings and priests unto God and his father, to Him be glory and dominion, for ever and ever, Amen. Rev 1.5.6


William Gilliess 1816  (Outer south aisle Community Room)

In memory of William Porter Gilliess, Esq formerly of the parish of St Marie la Bonne, London eminently distinguished in the profession of the law from which he retired in 1792 after an honourable and successful practice of fifty years to Tunbridge Wells in this county and departed this life the 4th December, 1816, in the 88th year of his age. Honored, admired, regretted; this tablet is erected, in dutiful respect, by his grandson. Richardson Tunbridge Wells


John Gromebridge 1762 and Mary Gromebridge 1816 (Chancel, south wall)

In Memory of JOHN GROMEBRIDGE GENT late of MAIDSTONE in this County. He was the Eldest Son of JOHN GROMEBRIDGE of this Parish GENT: by MARGT the youngest Daughter of Sr GEORGE RIVERS of Chafford in the PARISH of PENSHURST in this County BARONET, by DAME DOROTHY his WIFE. He died September the 1st 1762 AGED 38 YEARS.

Also MARY his Wife who Married HENRY GOODWIN Esqr and Died Novr 30th 1816 aged 85.


Arthur Handley 1827  (Nave: floor - not now visible)

Here lieth the remains of Mr Arthur Handley who departed this life the 11 day of November [1827] Aged [24] years 


Stuart Harrington Clark 1947

In thankful memory of Stuart Harrington Clark born 2 September 1869 died 18 August 1947 Vicar of this parish October 1913 – August 1936. ‘For me to live is Christ’


Revd Henry Harpur 1791  (Chancel: north wall)

Near this small tablet erected by his affectionate children are deposited the remains of the Rev Henry Harpur many years vicar of this parish. He was patient thru’ life and content therewith, ne’er once disquieted his mind as to the future events of providence but solac’d himself in the full assurance of happiness in the world to come thro’ the grace of our blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ in the plenitude of which Confidence he died the 5th Oct 1790 E 59. Coade and Sealy: Lambeth 1809


George Hooper 1759 (North aisle: north wall)

This Church is indebted, for its Ornaments of Pews & Pavement, to the Bounty of GEORGE HOOPER Esqr who bequeath'd this Memorial of his Regard, for the Place of his Nativity, and the Refidence of his Ancestors; which so justly bespeaks, the friendly Remembrance of all those, who in this Place frequent, The Service of God. He died March, 6th, 1759 Aged 33. The Extent of his Liberality, enabled his Trustees, to do this Justice to his Memory which his own Modesty, would not permit Him to direct.


Sarah Hugford 1822  (Outer south aisle Community Room)

This monument is erected by the children of the late Honorable Edward and Lady Arabella Ward in grateful remembrance of their beloved and lamented friend Sarah Hugford who departed this life the 27th 1822 aged 43 years. ‘Whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die

Storey London


I’Anson family see Rokeby


Joseph Jefferson 1825  (South aisle: south wall)

Sacred to the memory of the Revd Joseph Jefferson, rector of the parish, and for 2 years, master also of the free school of Vere, in the island of Jamaica; who, after a residence there of nearly 4 years, unremittingly spent in exemplary duties, fell a victim to the climate Jan 15th 1825; his early decease, having but just entered on his 31st year, is most deeply, tho' submissively, felt and lamented by an affectionate father and family; towards whom, the most marked filial piety, and devoted brotherly attachment far from being lessened by time or absence, glowed with unabated fervour, even when most distant from them; whilst at the same time his unassuming manners, his mild and peaceful disposition, gained him many friends, both in this country, and in Jamaica.  


William Kirby 1826 (Nave: south wall - not now visible)

Sacred to the memory of William Kearsley Kirby, the beloved and only son of Robert and Sophia Elizabeth Kirby, of Meophams Bank in this parish; he died at Hastings on the 6th day of January 1826, in the fourteenth year of his age; and his mortal remains are deposited in the family vault in this church.


Elizabeth Kitchenham 1685  (Nave: floor - not now visible)

Here lyeth ye body of Mrs Elisabeth Kitchenham who died Anno Dom 1685


Holles Knox  1797  (Chancel, floor)

[From Latin] For their dear son, Holles Knox, a pupil of Tonbridge School, especially lovable and loved for his sweetness of nature, sharpness of mind, most endearing character, devotion, faith and goodness, his grief-stricken parents have placed this memorial, such as it is, of their loss. That tender boy, attacked by measles, met a death unforeseen, premature and truly grievous on February 22nd 1797, in the tenth year of his age.


Thomas Knox 1843 and Francesca Knox 1831  (Nave: east wall)

[From Latin] Here is buried Thomas Knox, Doctor of Divinity, priest of this parish for 36 years, rector of the churches at Runwell and Ramsden-Crays in the County of Essex, first a pupil of Tonbridge School, then, as Master, by his own efforts he successfully restored and increased the benefactions of the founder. In this building when he was putting on his priest’s vestments, about to celebrate the divine office, he was snatched away by sudden death on July 23rd 1843, aged 59.

A man sorely missed above all others. As an untiring teacher, he so mixed his discipline with gentleness that he won over his pupils to him in wondrous ways. As a preacher with a full and sonorous voice, he was spirited, eloquent and vigorous, and truly Christian. For his patience towards children, his generosity towards the needy, his pity towards the distressed, his friendliness to his neighbours, and his kindness to all he is to be remembered. In public and private affairs he was hard-working and of great service. He married Francesca, daughter of William F. Woodgate, Esquire, of Somerhill. Alas! she died untimely in 1831 and was buried in the same tomb. She was most worthy of all praise and he loved her with exceptional devotion.


Vicesimus (1) Knox 1780 and Ann Knox 1796 (Chancel: north wall)

Sacred to the Memory of VICESIMUS KNOX L.L.B. late Master of TUNBRIDGE SCHOOL, formerly Fellow of St John's Colledge, Oxford, many Years Lecturer of St Clement's Eastcheap, Morning Preacher of St Dunstan's in the East, and one of the Masters of Merchant Taylor's School, in the City of LONDON. Possessed of a tender, gentle, feeling Heart, He was a most affectionate HUSBAND and FATHER, Actuated by the strictest Probity, mild in his Manners, I of great good Nature, singular Diligence, and true Christian Simplicity, He devoted all his Time and Abilities, either to the INSTRUCTION of YOUTH in elegant Learning and SOLID VIRTUE, or to the Improvement of the Congregations committed to his Care, (among whom he was greatly beloved and respected) in the Knowledge and Practice of those Chri/tian Duties, of which himself, at the same time, gave a bright Example. Emaciated, alas! at an early Age, with incessant Labours of the PULPIT and the SCHOOL, in the faithful Service of his God and Fellow Creatures, (never weary of well doing, but sacrificing Health to Duty) He departed hence, after a painful and lingering Illness, to receive the Reward of his virtuous Toils, IN EVERLASTING REST Febry 3rd 1780, aged 49.

His faithful and affectionate Wife, ANN KNOX, after having discharged, with the utmost Care and Sincerity, the various and arduous Duties, to which she was called, and shewn herself, like Him, a most attentive, tender Parent, followed him April 13th 1796, aged 62. And was buried by his fide near this Place, in the Chancel


Vicesimus (2) Knox 1821 and Mary Knox 1809 (Chancel: north wall)

To the memory of Vicesimus Knox, D.D., Master of Tunbridge School, and rector of Runwell and Ramson Crays in Essex. Born Decr 8th 1752 died sept. 6th 1821.

A sound divine, a polished and powerful writer, an elegant and profound scholar, a zealous eloquent and persuasive preacher of the gospel, he employed his high endowments to the glory of god and the moral and intellectual improvement of man, anxious ever to improve the happiness of his fellow creatures upon the purest principles of Christian philanthropy, with a lofty spirit of independence, and a rare disinterestedness in conduct, he disregarded the ordinary objects of worldly ambition, and shewed himself, upon all occasions, the enemy of public abuses, the friend of civil and religious liberty, the opponent of offensive war, the promoter of peace, and the advocate of all the claims of humanity. ‘He being dead yet speaketh’.

and of Mary Knox, his wife, who closed a life distinguished, like his own, by piety, probity and parental love, May 29th 1809, aged 61


John Le Fleming 1921 (Nave: south east wall, behind lectern)

To the glory of God and the loving memory of John Le Fleming M.A. who lived and worked in Tonbridge for sixty five years and in the time of his country’s need was ordained at the age of seventy-six years as curate of this parish. He died Nov 16th 1921 in his 80th year. This tablet is erected by his sons and daughters.


William Martin  1888 (Chancel: north wall)

In loving memory of William Martin of the parish of East Peckham Born May 14th 1811 Died April 1st 1888


Peter Le Mesurier 1834  (Chancel: north wall)

Sacred to the memory of Peter Perchard le Mesurier, who lies buried in this church yard.

His short life was a bright example of filial love and obedience, founded on the purest christian piety. Feeble in frame and much afflicted, he was contented - happy - resigned.

Bright were thy days, tho' clouded was the sun  that deck'd the path on which thy course was run; an eagle spirit, temper'd from above,

in thee display'd the meekness of the dove; thy talents rare, with modesty combin'd, prov'd the rich essence of thy well stor'd mind,

whilst youthful sports, tho' still unshar'd by thee, were view'd with unalloy'd hilarity. Iin sickness tried contentment - filial love –

mark'd thy reliance on a god above. Such pure contentment did th'almighty bless, and make thy life one scene of happiness. Nor did he e'er that happiness suspend,

but let it be, in mercy, to the end; when, full of hope, thou didst, to meet thy god the awful summons hail, and kiss the rod.

ob. 19 April 1834 ae 16. Maker: E. Gaffin


George Lingard 1843 and Sarah Lingard 1843 (Nave: west wall [upstairs])

In memory of George Lingard, late of this parish, who died 13th November 1843, aged 80 years. He exercised, for nearly 50 years, the profession of solicitor in this town, with the strictest integrity. He displayed always a most courteous and truly liberal spirit; and, in his days of infirmity and affliction, he sought earnestly his god and saviour and found him gracious.

Also in memory of Sarah, widow of the above named George Lingard, who died, in much peace, 23rd December 1843, in the ninetieth year of her age. Sutton Maidstone


Philadelphia Lyttelton 1663    (Tower Porch)

[From Latin] Here lies buried Philadelphia Lyttelton, distinguished (as far as mortal nature allows) for her gifts of good fortune, beauty, and spirit. In private life a maiden, in public a lady, and at court a true Christian woman. Nowhere did beauty dwell with more honour, or virtue with more beauty.  Amidst the abandoned morals of a most sinful time she dared to profess and practise sincerity, modesty, piety and faith: the closer to evil ways, the more worthy she was. The wife of Sir Henry Lyttleton, Bart., of  the County of Worcester, Gentleman of the privy-chamber for Her Majesty Queen Catharine of England, she was the elder daughter and joint heir of Thomas Cary, son of Robert, Earl of Monmouth, and Chamberlain to His Majesty Charles 1.

However, it must be a cause of sorrow that she who preserved her health amidst heat-waves, blizzards and epidemics, found flames in the midst of waters and death in life-saving remedies, since, seized by a burning fever at the Tunbridge Wells, she passed over to the Court of Heaven, worthy of immortality and ready for God, on the 2nd day of the month of August in the year 1663, aged 32.


Philadelphia Lyttelton 1663 - former site of memorial  (Chancel, floor)

The monument to Philadelphia Lady Lyttelton now placed in the tower of this church, formerly stood against the wall of the chancel north-eastward of this slab, and was removed thence with the consent of Lord Lyttelton 1858.


Anna Meyrick 1731  (Chancel, south wall)

In the Vault Underneath lyeth deposited the Body of Mrs Anna Maria Meyrick daughter od Owen Meyrick of the Isle of Anglesey Esr. Who died (in the 21st year of her age) at Tunbridge Wells on the 20th day of April in the Year of our Redemption 1731.


William Pack 1793  (Southwest porch, floor - not normally visible)

In memory of Willm Pack who departed this life the 4th 1798 Aged 83 years. Also Mary Pack wife of the above who departed this life the 19th 1801 Aged 70 years.


Thomas Panuwell 1749 (Nave: west wall [upstairs])

To the memory of Thomas Panuwell Esqr a generous, brave and honest Englishman and well-wisher to his country, whose heart whilst alive was as open as his table, the first ever ready to assist the Distressed and the other to entertain all Parties without distinction. His Integrity was as much above Corruption as his spirit above Dependance. He died at his seat Calverley in this parish on the 21st day of February in the year 1749/50 and of his age 78, a Batchelor. R Taylor fecit


-------- Porter ---- (in the middle aisle, round a gravestone, the inscription 'part worn out', listed in 1796, now lost)

Here lieth ---- eldest daughter and coheir of John Porter of Wadhurst in Sussex, gent, deceased and late wife --------- She died the 4th of ---------- William, Nathaniel, sons, Anna, Mary, Sarah, Martha, daughters ------------ A husband grieved for his departed laid here this monument. Her virtuous life made her beloved, and her death, a paine to others was unto herself a gaine.


Hubert Punnett 1916  (Outer south aisle Community Room)

In loving memory of Hubert Gordon Punnett lieut: Canadian Infantry, who was born in this parish June, 26th 1876 / and killed in action nr Neuville St Yaast, France, November 26th 1916  Younger son of George & Emily Jane Punnett. "He loved duty more than he feared death".


Rokeby and I’Anson families (Chancel: north wall)

Under the large Stone near this place lies the Body of Mrs EMM ROKEBY, Relict of WILLm ROKEBY, of Skelton in Yorkshire, Esqr Eldeft Daughr of Sr WILLm BURY, of Grantham in Lincolnshire, Kn. She died 24th January, 1703, Aged 66.

Also the Body of Sr THOs I'ANSON of NEW BOUNDS in this Parish, Bar. who married DOROTHY the 5th Daughr of the above WILLm ROKEBY and EMM his Wife, he died 28th December 1707.

Also Ms EMM I'ANSON, Eldest Daughr of the said Sr THOs I'ANSON and DAME DOROTHY his Wife who died 14th of Febry 1735 Aged 36.

Near the fame place in a Vault belonging to Sumer Hill lies also the Body of the said DAME DOROTHY I'ANSON, she died 20th of July 1744 Aged 64.

Under the same Stone also lies the Body of Ms DOROTHY I'ANSON Youngest Daughr of Sr THOs I'ANSON, Eldest Son of the above named Sr THos I'ANSON by DAME MARY his Wife only Daughr of JON BANKES of Kingston Hall in DORSETSHIRE, Esqr, she died 14th of October 1763 Aged 34

Also the Body of the last named Sr THOs I'ANSON, he died 10th of June, 1764 Aged 62.

Also the Body of Mrs MARY I'ANSON, Wife of Mr JOHN I'ANSON, of Channel Row, Westminster, second Son of the last named Sr THO I'ANSON  and DAME MARY his Wife, she died the 30th of June 1765 Aged 27. She was the Youngest Daughr and Coheiress of JOHN FYLER of Saint George Hanover Square in Middlesex Merchant by MARY his Wife who was one of the Daughters and Coheiresses of JOHN HOBBS of STOKEHURST in Somersetshire, Esqr by MARGARET his Wife the second Daughter and Coheiress of GEORGE GREY of Kingston in Dorsetshire, Esqr

Also the Body of Mary I'ANSON Second Wife of the said JOHN I’ANSON, who was one of the Daughters of Henry Harpur of Grays Inn Esquire, deceased.

Also the Body of Dame Mary I'ANSON, the Wife of the last above Named SirThomas I'ANSON, and Mother of the Said John I'ANSON.

Also the Body of Mrs Mary Fyler, the Wife of Samuel Fyler, of Lincolns Inn, Esquire Barrister at Law, and only Child of the Said John I'ANSON By Mary his First Wife Who died April 3d  1794 AE 30

Also the Body of the above named John I'ANSON, Who died 34 March, 1800 AE 66

This Monument was Erected in the Year 1766 by the Said Mr JOHN I’ANSON, out of Regard to the Memory of His most Affectionate WIFE.



Sarah Sconce 1818 (North aisle: south wall)

Sarah wife of Robert Clement Sconce Esqre and daughter of the Revd. Dr. Vicesmus, and Mary Knox, died the 17th of June 1818 /at the age of 36 years leaving three infant children. While tenderness and truth which dwelt in her bosom  as in a hallowed and appropriate shrine continue to be lovely and estimable: for ever honoured be her memory, and her early death deplored.


Francis Skeffington 1684  (Chancel, floor)

[From Latin] Here lies Francis Skeffington, Esquire, descended from an illustrious and ancient family, himself no less noble. Serving for a long time under the standards of His Highness Charles I, he was always faithful to the King in adverse fortune, and, after his final efforts to rescue the captive King at the siege of Colchester, he was himself captured. After gaining his freedom and living in a lasting peace, he was kind to all during his life, especially the poor, for whom as he was dying he most liberally bequeathed weekly alms in perpetuity.  At length he fell peacefully asleep near the age of 80 on April 30th in the year of our Lord 1684. To his memory his beloved wife placed this marble, intending (when it shall please God) to place her own remains under the same.


John Skeffington 1661 and Matthias Hickeringgill 1743  (Chancel, floor)

To the memory of John Skeffington esq: son and heir of John Skeffington esq: deceased. He died the 27th of April 1661 and was interred the second day of May following, in the 24th year of his age. His father died in December 1645 and lies buried near this place.

Here lyeth the body of Matthias Hickeringill esq. He married Mrs Elizabeth Leming, niece and heiress of the said John Skeffington esq. He departed this life the 10th day of November 1743 aged 68 years


Samuel Speed 1731 (In the south aisle, listed in 1796, now lost, translated from latin by Gilbert Hoole)

In this tomb lie the remains of Samuel Speed of Southampton in the County of Hampshire, who lived his life, both as citizen and soldier in such a way that he was equally distinguished in the former sphere by his agreeable disposition as by his courageous spirit in the latter, equally esteemed by his friends and relations at home as by his fellow-soldiers in the field. In Flanders, when war was waged against France in defence of the fortunes and freedom of the whole of Europe, he was chosen by the most noble Richard, viscount Cobham, to carry despatches to the forces, a duty he performed with the highest fidelity, resource, vigilance and distinction, and at the siege of Vigo he was again called to perform a similar duty by his kindly patron, who had been chosen to take charge of that enterprise. Finally, when the troubles of Europe had been settled and peacefully laid to rest, he was appointed by his majesty King George as commander of the royal regiment of dragoon guards. He died at Tunbridge Wells in the year 1731. This memorial was placed here by his sorrowing wife.


John Walter 1758 (on a gravestone near the font, listed in 1796, now lost)

Here lies the body of John Walter, esq of the island of Jamaica in America, who departed this life August the 21st 1758, aged 39 years.


Hubert Walton 1892 (Chancel: north wall - not now visible)

In Memoriam. Hubert Dalzell Gorham Walton and Emily Elizabeth Grace his wife Born 7th July died 12th July 1892 at Rindat Upper Chindwin Upper Burma ‘Suffer little children to come unto me’. 


Lucy and Fanny Warner 1892  (North aisle: north wall)

To the memory of our beloved teachers Lucy Warner died Octr 18th 1892, Fanny Warner died Septr 25th 1893 by the members of the Parish Church Mens Bible Class.

"Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord".

Rev. XIV 13


Weller Family 1751  (North aisle: north wall)

[From Latin] Let lamentations be absent from petty burial, and leave out the superfluous honours of the tomb.

Left side:        Ad Lectorem,

Non Mortuos ut ampliem Mendaciis / Neci sto Ruborem ut suscitem Viventibus / Stirps illa, sacris his reposta Sedibus / Se jactitat Mortale Quid - Nilamplius.

Licet dolorem abrepta Virtus, omnium / Et Vendicent Honesta Famam publicam / Mos ipse quanquam postulet contrarium Haec nuntiare sola mi conceditur.

Errata passim Vita quot quot explicat / Manes volunt haec_obrui Silentio / Insigne si quid dissipet Caliginem / Livoris: Hoc sequare, Laudis abstinens.

Right side:     Reader.

I stand not here to compliment the Dead / Or make the living blush. The Family / Which lies interr'd within this narrow vault / Could boast themselves to be no more than Men

Tho' All for private Virtues lost should grieve / And Acts of Goodness merit our Applause / The Customs Self commands the contrary / I'm not permitted to fay more than This.

Whatever Blemishes their Lives disclofe / They beg in Charity may be conceal'd / And if some Virtues shine through Envy's Veil / Those imitate, & spare thy generous Praife.


nat:                 ob 26 Jun 1596


nat:                 ob 16 Mar 1616:


nat: [1602]     ob        1670


nat: 9 Oct 1632 ob 30 Nov 1722


nat 12 Mart : 1676 ob Sept 1751



Elizabeth Weller 1677 [donation] (North aisle: north wall)

[From Latin] Sacred to the memory of Elisabeth Weller who with a devout heart donated to the Church £6 per annum in perpetuity, and returned her virgin soul to God on June 23rd in the year of Christ 1677.


Hannah Weller 1736 (Southwest porch, floor - not normally visible)

Hannah Weller Relict of Henry Weller of Brenchley Gent died the 11th day of September [1736]


Sarah Weller 1726  (Chancel: floor)

Mrs Sarah Weller died janry 21st 1726


John Wood 1714 (Nave: west wall [upstairs])

To the memory of John Wood Esq of this place who died 11th May 1714 aged 54. This monument was erected by his only sister Eliz. Hooker relict of John Hooker Esq. Maker J.Wilton E—


Francis Woodgate 1790 and Mary Woodgate 1783  (Chancel: north wall)

Beneath the Rails of the Altar, in the silent Chambers of the dead, Sleep the Remains of FRANCIS WOODGATE M.A. with those of the loved Partner of his Happiness and his Virtues MARY WOODGATE. During half a Century He conscientiously discharged the PASTORAL OFFICE, As Rector of Watlington, and Vicar of Mountfield, In the County of Sussex. Pious, humble, Charitable, He early aspired at, obtained, and uniformly preserved The truly honourable Character of an EXEMPLARY PARISH PRIEST. In domestic and private Life, The purity of his principles and the Benignity of his nature Led him to fulfil every Duty, Ever strict to himself, But to others amiably indulgent.  Not less laudable in her Sphere His FAITHFUL ASSOCIATE Exhibited a Model of conjugal and maternal Virtue, Blest and blessing, In the calm Tranquillity of a long and honoured Life. They closed their Eyes in Christian Faith and Hope, universally regretted, He on the 10th of May 1790, at the Age of 84, His Wife having departed before him on the 12th of Janry 1783 Aged 71. Reader Respect their Memory, imitate their Example.


Henry Woodgate 1787 (Nave: west wall [upstairs])

While within these hallowed Walls Devotion seek and Ardour Raised and refined by holy Harmony Let pious Gratitude revere and cherish The memory of Henry Woodgate Esqr.

To record his beneficent Virtues on the Marble Tablet With the Eulogium they deserve Would be to violate that manly simplicity Which marked his unassuming Manners while it taught him to do Good in secret Rendered him superior to the Praise of an Epitaph and the Ostentation of a Tomb: He left these earthly tabernacles to join the Choir of Heaven December the [First] 1787 Aged 87. Sculptor E Pierce Deptford, Fect. [NOTE: Words “While within – Holy Harmony” refer to money left by the testator to erect and organ in the church.]


Frank Woolley 1978  (Outer south aisle Community Room)

Frank Edward Woolley Born in Tonbridge 1887 Kent and England cricketer Died 1978