Tonbridge History

Contacting Tonbridge Historical Society

To join the Society, to request further information about the Society and its activities, or to apply for places at any meetings which require advance booking, please contact the Hon. Secretary, Madge Woods, Tonbridge Historical Society, 56 Derwent Road, Tonbridge, TN10 3HU or click to send an e-mail.

If your enquiry relates to a family member who once lived in or near Tonbridge please read our Family History Advice page.

For enquiries relating specifically to the Historical Society's holdings (photos, archives, artefacts) or to the content of this website, please click  to send an e-mail.

Please be aware that we receive many queries and while we try to respond to them all, we simply do not have the resources to enter into detailed correspondence concerning the town and its history, particularly if research is involved.