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Recent addition: Warders Medical Centre - The History of a Practice in Tonbridge and Penshurst 1808-2021  by David M G Goodridge

Greetings from Tonbridge . . .

. . . a town on the River Medway in the English county of Kent — and welcome to the website of Tonbridge Historical Society.

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Tonbridge Castle and the 'Great Bridge', as they were in 1795 (private collection)

Tonbridge's history goes back a long way. People in the Iron Age used the river crossing here, as the Romans must have done later. A Saxon settlement may have grown up beside the river, before the Normans came and built the motte-and-bailey castle. Its massive gatehouse is now one of the finest surviving in the country.

Mediæval Tonbridge was a market town of a few hundred people. Today the population exceeds 30,000, but the town's historic core remains. Tonbridge still has more than 150 listed buildings.

coat of arms

The castle and five branches of the Medway appeared on Tonbridge's coat of arms, pre-1974. See here for details.

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P.S. Today Tonbridge is spelt with an 'o' but pronounced (as it was once spelt) with a 'u': 'Tunbridge'. Details here.