A message from the Chairman of Tonbridge Historical Society – April 2020

Dear Visitor

Welcome to Tonbridge Historical Society's website in this our Sixtieth year; I hope you will enjoy the experience.

The people of Tonbridge and its surrounding area have faced many challenges in their recent history from the impact of the First World War and the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1919. Along with the property damage brought about by the Second World War and the devastating floods of 1968 as well as those of more recent years.

The Historical Society also has faced challenges during its existence but none like the invisible foe we face today in this Anniversary year. I believe the Society and the people of Tonbridge have the resilience to come through this period and out the other side stronger and more determined to record the Tonbridge Story for generations to come.

If you would like to contribute to our story, may I therefore invite you to write a short piece – say 200-300 words – relating to your memories or any anecdotes that you may have relating to life in general in Tonbridge over the lifetime of the Society, 1960 - 2020. Any subject can be covered, from your life in Tonbridge to how you first came to the town, or became interested in the History of Tonbridge, etc…. Contributions relating to the early days would be especially welcome. I leave the content up to individual contributors.

Contributions could then be collated and published as part of an expanded edition of our Newsletter, and form part of our wider 60th celebrations! Contributions can be sent to info@tonbridgehistory.org.uk

If your visit has fired up a greater interest in exploring the history of Tonbridge, I would welcome the chance to meet you at one of our forthcoming talks later in the year. Details of the Society's 2020 - 21 talks will appear on the website later in the summer. In the meantime, stay safe and be considerate to others.

Many thanks for your time.

David Phillips